Experience unparalleled spiritual empowerment, transform your coaching skills

and help your clients achieve meaningful, and enduring life-changing results!

heal self-limitations
fully embody your unique gifts
confidently facilitate your clients' goal achievement

Deep down inside, do YOU feel like an imposter?

Regardless of where you are in your coaching career, you may be new or have been a coach for a while, you may not feel like a fully endowed and competent coach.

If you’re ready to embody and more fully express your coaching vision that will catapult your client’s outcome, we’re here to help you awaken and unleash your unique gifts and become the fully embodied coach, healer, therapist or health professional you’ve always wanted to be!



Here's how we can help you become the coach of your dreams.

Intensive Coaching

Our unique group empowerment program provides you with cutting edge resources and unparalleled support to support your growth and transformation


Our targeted online immersive healing retreats address specific challenges, and will give you the clear pathway for immediate results.


Our focused provide self-paced holistically oriented curriculum that will uniquely enhance your coaching skills

Meet Your Mentors

Dr Elaine photo (aqua)

I'm Dr. Elaine Ferguson

I’m excited to assist your transformational journey! I am honored to inspire, uplift and support you, every step of this life-changing program to help you embody your vision and become the transformative coach of your wildest dreams.

I’m a pioneering holistic medicine physician, bestselling author, coach and wellness consultant.  More important than my credentials is my life-calling and passionate desire to be of service.  I look forward to mentoring you and supporting your journey to becoming the empowered coach you are destined to be.

Spiritually Empowered Coach LS WSD(62)

I'm Bethany Perry

It is such an honor to share this opportunity and support you in healing your heart and soul to empower your life and your coaching practice.

When I began my coaching career, I knew I was here for more, but I didn’t have the confidence or competence to create the practice of my dreams.I was so unsure and overwhelmed by all the ‘to-do’s’ and my heart needed such deep healing after an abusive marriage, the loss of my Dad and brother – so much!!

With the discoveries and healing that has been afforded me, Dr. Elaine and I are here to offer you the same transformation gifted to us. I now have a thriving practice serving men and woman around the world,
founded Whole Life Healing Coach to train and certify coaches in my signature Four Pillars, have a non-profit to help those suffering from trauma and now – am here to serve you!

Your Empowered Coaching Transformation


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